In the culture I have been lucky enough to be raised in being called iLL is one of the highest forms of praise. If something is referred to as iLL you automatically know that it's something unique not like everything else going on. That's 5 mic, classic status right there. 

If something is iLL it's iLL forever regardless of how much time passes or what trend is popular at the moment. In this same culture the most valuable and practical lessons are passed down through conversation and advice. These lessons are so priceless and important you refer to them as Jewelz, because the real wealth is knowledge.

Actually applied knowledge can help you acquire all the riches in the world. I created this company for the individuals who grew up in this culture and continue to live life from this cultural standpoint. There are layers to this. On the surface layer when you look good you feel good. I look at every item we make like, what would I rock this with, what cap would set this shirt off, would boots or sneakers complete the look, if I saw this shirt in the stores would I instantly be drawn to it. 

On a deeper level another layer is what the images are saying, not just to the person wearing it but also everyone who lays eyes on them wearing it. The images are designed to evoke emotions. Positive emotions and vibes. I live the ILLJewelz  life style and it's apart of my DNA and everyone else's DNA that grew up, learned and contributed to Street culture. 

Get fresh, feel great, and prosper.